I took Haylee & Brooklyn to the State Fair of Texas & we had a blast.
They spent the night & painted their hair for the adventure, awww they looked cute
We checked out the park, new cars & of course BIG TEX
Right off we got corny dogs, thats what our fair is famous for, yummy..
The famous Texas Star & Sky Way ride
We spent a lot of time on the midway
This was fun & it turned out to be full of bubbles
This one was scary....
They liked this one though, it went real fast
This one went real fast also & they loved it
Brooklyn rode this one alone, lol, Haylee would not  go
This event has been there since I was their age, lol
This one scared me, lol, & I was on the ground
The bumper cars looked safer
They didnt like the fried ice cream but I did
We found a cave
This was at the petting zoo, awwwwww
We spent a lot a time in there
They wouldnt get up
We found this cool pumpkin patch
The science place had wild animals & cool inventions
This pic is so cute
They found a thingie to crawl thru, lol ....
They were ROCK STARS for a minute
Resting, lol
Hmm, registering to vote?
Sharing a turkey leg & a pickle
We shared all our food & we ate a lot. We had fried ice cream, & french fries, I had  
nachos. The girls had root beer floats & icees. Haylee had a sausage on a stick & I had
a hot buttered corn. The TEXAS STATE FAIR is known for its great food, especially the
corn dogs. We each had two of those.  The  fair is also famous for Mr Big Tex..