James Harvey Moore  August 25, 1937 - June 21, 2004

James was a dear friend to all of us.  He was always
ready to lend anyone a helping hand.  Elizabeth called
him 'Poppa', most of the rest of us called him 'Dad'.
We lost our sweet & dear friend suddenly on
December the 18th. We all loved her dearly, we will
miss her bubbly personality, her wonderful smile &
the way she could make us all laugh. God needed
her in Heaven & so her Angel took her home!!!
Peggy was the girl that trained me when I went to work as
a carhop. It wasnt an easy task either. I remember that she
was patient with me & encouraged me. She was truly a
caring person. She was always smiling & cracking jokes.
Her favorite saying was "quit beggin it makes folks hate ya"
she will  surely be missed & we will see her again one day!
Bruce Daniel Morales
4/14/1980 - 4/12/2007
Taken from us at such a young age seems so
unfair, we will grieve for our Bruce for a long while.
Only God knows why & we must not question.
Easier said than done for sure. For the short time
Bruce was here on this earth he made us smile
many times, he will be remembered for his sense
of humor & his sweet smile. He proudly stated  on
a daily basis & I quote "Im a meskin"!
Judy Adams
12/09/1958 - 3/18/2008
7/27/1956 - 1/20/2009  
Pat  was a dear friend & someone that I saw every day of my
life. We all will miss him but we know that he is riding high in
the sky. Ride to live, live to ride. Pat I will see you again
someday & I am hoping they have cold coronas up in
Heaven. If so have one waiting on me.
Mattie Lee Cheek Landers
10/07/1935 - 3/11/2009
Miss Mattie was my Haylees Great Grandmother & she will be missed
by us all. She was a lady of grace & inspiration in all the lives that she
touched. It was a privilage to have known this "great lady", We will
see her again in Heaven when God calls us home ...
4/26/1936 - 4/09/2009
Chuck was a great friend and he never knew the word no
when it came to helping out a brother in need. He was a
ROCK that we all counted on to be there in times of trouble.
He was there in our lives when we needed him to be, Chuck
was our strength & our guide. Ride on Dear Chuck & save our
place in Biker Heaven for we are coming too one day soon.
2/12/1966 - 7/29/2010
What a beautiful difference her life made on those of us whos
lives she touched. She was the type of person that would pitch in
to help you no matter  what you needed, a shoulder to cry on, a
ride home, a couch to crash on or if you needed a cold beer. That
was Janie, she would help you out with a smile on her face.
Taken from us at the young age of 44 we can only think it must be
Gods plan, we will see you again someday  sweet girl  until then
may you rest in peace.
Muriel Jean Ward
1/20/1949 - 8/29/2011
Those we love dont go away, they walk beside us every day
unseen, unheard, but always near
still loved, still missed and very dear. I am a better person
for having known Jeanie Ward. She taught us what a
mothers love was meant to be. She will never be more than
a thought away because she lives on forever in our hearts.
Roger Blake Stembridge
10/07/1950 - 1/23/2012
Penny Sands Wreyford
10/17/1955 - 10/02/2014
(Sweet Thang)
When you remember her, it means you have carried something of
who she was with you, that she has left some mark of who she was
on who you are. Penny left each and everyone of us a piece of her
heart .. She will live on forever in our memories ...