Tracy didnt make the party this year, he had an allergic reaction to
some new medicine. He was actually in the hospital the day of the
party . The party went on as planned though and we forgave him, in
the 22 years of his career this is the first one he has ever missed.
The Margaritaville peeps gave us a fabulous breakfast again this
year and Huck, Josh, Darin and Joe put on the show for us and as
usual they were FABULOUS .. Thanks guys, we love yall ...
Rock & Fabers took me for a drink before taking me to the airport, love these two guys  
Basil margarita at DFW & then on to Tootsies  (first like ALWAYS) once at the BNA
I arrived first & watched Ritas plane land.. Rita & Shanna met me there
After exploring the airport we ended up at Tootsies for drinks, of course its a tradition
Awe, we were so cute & so ready to start our adventure
There is always local talent singing at Tootsies
A few more pics & Rita Pita pays our bill, then we are off to our shuttle to the hotel
We locate the hotel shuttle & we are off, can yall see downtown Nashville, my fav city
Getting closer, heres LP field ( GO TITANS ) & the BAT building, LOVE IT.. LOVE IT..
Arriving at the hotel, the view was the bat building & the famous printers alley
Our room was nice & neat, for a minute, lmao
These beds were fabulous, the pics were meant to be for autographs, sigh
Decisions, decisions, what to wear, they are beautiful in everything
I think they tried on everything they brought, TWICE .. LOL
Time for hair & makeup, they dont need any though
Booty check, lol, & now we are all ready to go
Hotel lobby, free dinner coupon & on the way we saw the famous Ryman auditoriam
I love walking downtown, so much to see
Arriving at Margaritaville to collect our free dinner
The gift shop inside is fabulous
Our waitress was Kay, so happy to be wastin away with these 2 lovely ladies
I won the dinner on their website, we ran into Willie too, well sort of
Yummylicious drinks to help us waste away
Beautiful decor inside this place, especially my Rita Pita
Artichoke dip & we all had salad with the fried chicken, it was yummy yummy
We say bye to our server & back outside we see the silver man
I love Nashville, I love everything about it
We got some JACK, COKE & BEER for later, then took it to our room.. The Courtyard
Yummylicious, & then they changed again before we went back out to party
By the Ryman again & then down the alley to the Legends, we see Elvis, well sort of  
Pics of all the country greats can be found on the walls at the Legends
Lots of memorabilia on those walls too, country music history
Lorettas autograph, this band was fantabulous & we had a great time in there
We will drink to that & that & that too ... lol
Outside they were setting up for the CMT awards that went on the next night
The guitar is in front of Legends, & Baileys is my favorite Bar n grill
We ran into Elvis ( well sort of ) & they danced with him
The Stage, Swingin Doors & Honky Tonk Central, popular spots on Broadway
Tour buses are always parked along Broadway
At Swingin doors we found good music & Jack Daniels
We stayed there a while & enjoyed the music
Betty Boots is one of the nicest gift shops on Broadway
Tequila Cowboy was next, cute bartender & a car on top of the bar
We stayed there awhile & drank something red, ALOT
We made new friends & ran into a old one, Cheryl is TL fan club too
After a few drinks we all continued to explore Broadway
We found a store that had a few boots
We meet a few more interesting peeps on the street
Oh Lord help us, they found a pole .. lol
More peeps on the street & then Coyote Ugly
Inside this place it gets pretty wild sometimes
Of course they got up on the bar .. now thats fun
Party Party all night long
Cheryl & her friend were there with us .. our server was just crazy
Coyote Ugly is just a crazy place
This was the last stop of the night, we took a cab back to hotel after this
I took the short walk to Margaritaville by myself the next morning, Darin & Chuck were
already there .. so was AJ
Perfect veiw of the Ryman & the arena from where I was, this is Tracys bus too
They opened the patio, Shanna joined me & the guys came out to warm up
The food they gave us was all fabulous
Rick, Joe, Josh & Darin entertained us  & this is Theresa with AJ
Me & Lavar, then Shanna & I posed with Josh & Rick
Back outside we discovered it rained but that didnt stop the parade or the parties
Shanna & I went back to exploring, look at the candy we found, & barrel of whiskey
Cotton eyed Joe is the biggest & best gift shop I have ever seen
You can find just about anything in this place  
Pizza was our lunch, then we said bye to our beautiful hotel & headed back to the BNA
We all missed Tracy at the party but in spite of it we all had a great time..
We got a fabulous show anyway & some great food.. All of the fan club
members consider this party once a year just like a big family reunion &
thats one of the reasons its so GREAT .. Just being in NASHVILLE every year
is my wonderful adventure.. Sharing it this year with Rita & Shanna made it
that much more special.. They both say they are coming with me next year
too .. YAY.. Nashville watch out in 2014 ...