The party was a success & all of the kids had a blast...
The Batman table was nice & Jaelyn had a bounce house
Lol, check out Trinity in the bounce house
Kori was scared at first of the bounce house
But hey, she came around
All of the kids loved that bounce house, even Haylee Bug
My Jaelyn is 5 already, awww...
Carolynn is Jaelyns other granny & Charles is his PaPa
Both Autumn & Megan are expecting & this is my daughter Laura.... Smile Jaelyn!
Kori took her own pics..   Autumn served hot dogs & this is Semaj, Mieshas new baby
Robert is Jaelyns daddy            Quazie is Autumns best friend     Jesse is the baby daddy
So what is papa drinking?                 Aww, look at us we are cute !!!
Adele is Megans best friend
Spending time with family means soooo much
awww                                  Mero                                                          awwww2
Making his wish                   That cake was yummy                            Awwwwwww
yummmmmm                   My babies are sooooo cute ...           awww Jaelyn!!!
These kids are sooooooo cute
This game was pin the batman sticker on the poster
Jaelyn was the big winner but they all got a prize                                  
Then came the pinata, now that was fun
Bam, pow & zap... lol, it still wouldnt break
Bam ...again
Finally ....                                 Booby, Spiderman last year remember ? lol...
Jaelyn is ready to open his gifts & Kori got one too....thanks Carolynn
He got some great gifts & cash too
He got some mutant ninjas & some other cool action figures
Also some cds & a 13 inch Tv from Carolynn & Charles
Jaelyn had a very happy birthday, he is growing up so fast
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see Jaelyns party from last year