My bff Rock and Fabian took me for a beer at 730am before driving me to the
airport, I love them both so much  ....
Mary & I  arrive at the BNA & pick up the rental car .. it wasnt white, lol
Our room was fabulous .. it was the Renaissance Downtown
After we check in we hit the streets to see the sights
This place called Roberts had a fried bologna sandwich that was truly
We had lunch with Sue at Baileys down on Broadway like I do every year
Colleen and Sues daughter Danielle joined us this year
Sue, Danielle & Colleen went on to a concert while we went back down  to Broadway
There are some talented people singing at Tootsies
The old historic buildings are fabulous
After resting at this  bus stop, we saw some more old buildings & heres
another shot of our hotel
More shots of our hotel, it was colorful
We were enjoying that hallway and those elevators.. lol..
This hotel was fabulous, from the elevators to the hallways and the lobby
Back out on the streets again, lots of stuff to see
When we get to Margaritaville we find Jimmy Buffet .. well sort of .. lol
The decor inside is just fabulous
While looking at the ceiling we find a pirate, I'll drink to that, argh argh
He was a good pirate though & he was 8 feet tall
Back outside we find us some hats, awe we are cute
We ran into Elvis, he wasnt too busy to take a picture
I love being in Nashville aka Nashvegas
The streets were packed, country music going on every where .. love it
Some street singers entertained us outside the Cotton eyed Joe
The Cotton eyed Joe is the biggest gift shop I have ever seen
The walls are covered, as well as rows & rows of fabulous things
Rows of shirts & hats also, Mary found one she liked
Out on the road again enjoying the sights
New talent, old talent,  I'll drink to that
I had my usual double shot of Tuaca at Coyote Uglys
Love the scenery in there & the dancing girls
They were dancing & doing body shots too
The girls were doing other things too, oh hey look its MARY up there
She did this sober she dont drink
This is one of my favorite places in Nashvile
I love the night life down on Broadway, Nashvegas...
This was the Ernest Tubb record shop, check Willie out
There are lots of nostalgia items in here & lots of music
These coke boxes were used by Loretta Lynn, the first pic explains why
Theres always a band in the street, I love Nashville
A little more music & one more beer before heading back to our room
Chocolate guitar in the lobby, it has a story too
The Margaritaville peeps had a buffet for us the next morning
Eggs, potatoes & bacon, it was fabulous
Its sure good to see these peeps at every fc party ... I love my life
I love being with this many peeps with Tracy fever, love love that man
Every time we have this party its like a family get together, same peeps
every year. Thats what makes it so great ...
Now Chuck tells us its time for the music
Captain Jack says some things & then we finally get TRACY
Love Love Love this man & his music
Tracy, Rick & the rest of the guys were fabulous
Newcomer Josh Pruno was among the guests
Rick Huckaby is the genius behind tons of Tracys songs
Thanks guys, the show was fabulous
And this was my plate
Love ya A.J.
Rick came out to mingle with us afterwards
Next are our meet n greets with Tracy
Me, cheek to cheek ..yum