Tricia & Don
Barbara, Don, Tricia & Me
Tricia & Family
My Sister, My Friend

She was the most courageous person I have ever
known.  Diagnosed with full-blown breast cancer, at
age twenty eight, she went through the chemotherapy
treatments without ever a thought that she wouldn't
win the battle with this disease.  She did win this time,
and was cancer free for the next seven years.  When
the cancer reoccurred she once again battled it with
the same positive attitude.  She said to me once, "I have
the cancer, the cancer does not have me."      She went
through a bone marrow transplant and many more
chemotherapy treatments, but the disease just
continued to return.  Right up to the end she held on to
the belief that she would not lose this fight for her life.
Not only were we sisters, we were True Friends.  We
took 'sister trips' together, inspite of her illness.  She
was always there for me whenever I needed her to be.  
Even in the fight for her own life she was always
worried about me.  
She requested that our friend, Paula, recite a special
poem at her funeral service.  This poem held a special
meaning for the two of them.  It came from a hallmark
card  that she had bought for Paula's Mother and
Father when their daughter,Terri,  passed away.  
Tricia's service was beautiful.  She was loved by so

A sister is life's special gift, she plays a loving part in
many lifelong memories that matter to your heart.  A
sister is life's special gift, and there could never be a
better or more cherished one than the sister God gave

I had such happy moments with her as my sister and I
treasure our times from the past.  I love to remember
our growing up days and the years that flew by much
too fast.  God gave a wonderful gift to me in a sister as
caring and thoughtful as Patricia.  I am glad for all
the love we had growing up and it is something we
never outgrew.
We were sisters from the start and friends from the
Heart.  Gone from this life, alive forever in my
Patricia Ann Maddran
March 24, 1960-Sept 25, 2003
Terri Lynn Ward
Sept 5, 1968-Aug 18, 2001