My sorrow is like a shadow standing over me
that will never go away
My grief is like a mountain crashing down
chasing my joy far, far away
I wont be comforted, my soul just needs to cry
I look for you up in the clouds and see an airplane
flying by
I wish you did not die
When GOD told the angels you were coming they all
made a heavenly sound
But if I could have you back I would rip out my own
heart and throw it to the ground
The sky was dark and lovely, the stars twinkled in your
that early morning GOD took you home and you got
delivered into the light
I fall to my knees and until I join you I will pray
that our heavenly father 'keeps on rocking' you in his
loving arms
Forever for eternity
I will live forever in a day  
Dear brother,you will never be forgotten